Windows 10

As we move into Q2 2015, one of the larger stories is Windows 10, which should be released later this summer.

This may be the most important release of Windows ever.  If Microsoft blows it again, I think they'll never again take control of the desktop, and that the immediate future for the desktop will be legacy versions of Windows, Chrome and Mac OS X to some degree, and some new player or technology not yet clear.   One thing is for sure, Microsoft won't be taken seriously again if they fumble the Win10 launch.  A botched Win10 would mean there's going to be serious pressure from Wall Street to break apart the company, for Bill Gates to leave the Microsoft board, and for new leadership, despite the short CEO tenure of Satya Nadella.

I think Win10 had better square focus on keyboard and mouse business users, and they'd better get it behaving exactly like XP/Win7 again, or it's going to fail.  No more tablet mode applications, no more sprite bars, or chromes, or Windows button-> tile menu user interfaces ... all of the Metro UI mistakes from Windows 8 had better be completely removed, or Win10 is going to face a very difficult future.  

I can't wait to see what happens.   



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