Cloud Services for Business


Low cost computing services that can help your business start eating the competition. 

An effective cloud strategy can be a game changer for your sales team, providing broad new capabilities in business development and customer retention. 

"Cloud" may be the most confusing term in the technology industry right now, which is saying a lot when you consider how the tech industry is famous for taking simple concepts and making them as confusing as possible.   

First of all, there are two types of clouds, the public cloud and the private cloud. 

The public cloud simply means that someone else runs the computers.  It's not that new of an idea, but the advances in other areas such as internet speeds mean that cloud is a more useful product than ever before.  From a customer point of view, cloud means you can turn over the cost and complexity of running your own computer system to an outside provider.  Public cloud means customers have access to the newest and best stuff for less (sometimes a LOT less) than it would cost on premise. 

The private cloud is simply a set of computer services running in a customer's business that can be shared with employees, vendors, customers, the public, etc.  As an example a company can use private cloud technologies for its accounting system, and provide data to internal and external users in ways that have never been done before.        

These innovations in cloud services have unlocked incredible opportunities for business, and TVC's team is "all in" with cloud services.  Let us help you transform your business with these powerful, low-cost technologies.